Over the past 10 years the art of being has become somewhat frowned upon and frankly I’m a little unhappy about it. See I was one of the busy ones. I was so busy I had no time to think – about me, about you about anything other than how tired I was and how much I was dreading the next interaction I had signed myself up to.

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Now don’t get me wrong it was an adventure for sure. A mirage of gas memories and interactions that I’ll think of fondly forever but my pursuit of busyness was more a thing of distraction than anything else. A wildly elaborate avoidance tactic to distract from my own unhappiness and the sense of helplessness that came with it. I was busy working, I was very busy playing, busy busy dating, and shopping and dancing and binge watching Netflix. If I was busy I had a reason to keep running from whatever it was I didn’t want to face. My fears, my insecurities, all the pesky vulnerabilities lurking beneath that I’ve tried desperately to hide, beneath which was a mound of unrealistic expectations. 

And only when I slowed down did I realise this. See we live in a time that expects a lot from us. As women, as sisters, mothers, children, friends, you name it. We strive for the best job, the best body, the most money because that will give us freedom. We want an active social life and to go on wildly exotic holidays. We want a fulfilling relationships, and why should that stop at one. We want the best family lives, we will all share the same interests and live happily ever after. Except with this we put an enormous amount of pressure on ourselves. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were you. Slow down, take stock and realise that the magic is in the moments. In an era of extreme busyness, the only way really to live a meaningful life is to not do thousands of meaningful things.

Here’s some of the Magic that happens when you slow down 

  1. You may realise you have a whole host of unresolved issues that need your attention. Busyness can be an addiction. Don’t shy away, lean in, attend to and be. Your future self will thank you more than you know. 
  2. You’ll start to feel physically better. You’ll have more time to think about the basics like preparing a healthy meal, or scheduling in the gym. Imagine having actual energy to go to the gym?
  3. The things you do commit to will be much more colourful. Right through from planning to attending – the buildup will be more intense, your energy will be higher and you’ll bring your best self.
  4. You may find magic in the moments. Like that 10 minute walk on your lunch break or your Sunday evening meal prep for the week ahead. These little things may start to feel less like a chore and more like a choice. 
  5. You might find yourself with some extra cash. A fast paced life can cost a fortune – lunch on the go, pick-me-up coffees by the dozen, not to mention the fat checks that come with eating out. 

So slow down, learn to be and the rest will follow. 

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