Issue 3: An Evening With Pat Divilly

This month we’ve caught up with the latest and greatest in the wellness space to bring you the nuggets of wisdom we could all do with.

  • Pat Divilly, entrepreneur, mindfulness mentor, author, and public speaker shares his top tips for building emotional resilience
  • Therapist Breda Farrell sheds light on the importance of boundaries. What they are, why they’re important and how we can create them
  • Editor-in-Chief of The Mighty, Megan Griffo shares the story of one of the fastest growing online communities and what their plan is for world domination
  • Meditation Master, Jonni Pollard outlines his top 10 tips for managing stress, ensuring you nip it in the bud before the good stress turns bad
  • Mindfulness Coach Alison Canavan shares her experience of staying safe in an electronic world