3 Supplements that Ease Anxiety

The following supplements may help with coping with anxiety. Of course, always follow a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, good fats and protein. Always speak to your doctor before starting any supplement programme and don’t use these as a substitute for medication without your doctor’s advice.


There is some evidence to suggest that the amino acid 5-HTP could help with anxiety, depression and sleep. Five-HTP is used by the body to make both melatonin (essential for sleep) and serotonin (the happy, relaxed hormone). Available over the counter in most pharmacies and health food stores.


Being under a lot of stress causes our bodies to use up a lot of magnesium. In addition to this, levels of magnesium in the diet can be low; the soil we grow foods in can be depleted of magnesium while refined grains such as white wheat flour has the magnesium stripped out of it with the bran.

There are a number of reasons why magnesium could help you to cope with anxiety, one being that magnesium could suppress cortisol (the stress hormone) production. According to Emily Deans, M.D,  an American psychiatrist, states that magnesium deficiency could contribute to anxiety and depression and calls magnesium ‘The Original Chill Pill‘. You can pick up magnesium in most healthfood stores.

Fish Oils

Omega 3, found in fish oils most potently, and if you’re vegetarian, in flaxseed oil, could have an impact on depression and anxiety. Studies seem to show that fish oils could have a positive impact on mood and perhaps anxiety, when taken in conjunction with mood stabilisers. One possible reason for this, Dr Emily Deans says, is that omega 3 fatty acids could help to reduce inflammation, something linked with both anxiety and depression.

Chloe Brotheridge | Hypnotherapist, Anxiety Expert | Author of The Anxiety Solution and Brave New Girl

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